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The Basics of Milk Paint

The Basics of Milk Paint

To take away any hesitation you may have about using milk paint, here are a few tips:


Mixing: We are so used to pre mixed paints that the thought of a sachet of paint powder that we have to mix ourselves can be intimidating. But it’s really so simple. If you’ve ever mixed instant coffee or pancake (or cake?) batter you’re already there! Start with 1/4 cup of warm water, add 1/4 cup of milk paint and stir. A few drops of MilkMix EZ will help to break surface tension. My favourite way to mix it is in a lidded jar and shake away. 


Mixing MMS Milk Paint in a lidded jar



When applied to raw wood — just paint and seal. Milk paint absorbs like a stain into raw wood and porous surfaces.



MMS Milk Paint in Aviary first coat 


If your surface has a smooth or glossy finish, this is when milk paint gets fun and interesting. It will resist smooth surfaces and begin to flake and chip, creating the charming look of a piece that’s been weathered or neglected. However, the unpredictability of milk paint means you may be hoping for chipping but instead it grips like glue. To guarantee chipping, BEFORE you paint, apply wax or hemp oil wherever you want the paint to chip. 



MMS Milk Paint chipping away



If you want a smooth, solid finish, sand the piece lightly to give the milk paint something to soak in to. Milk paint by nature wants to absorb into a surface, so sanding provides something for the milk paint to grip onto. Adding a bonding agent like MilkGrip™ will help it adhere further and provide a smooth finish.



 Milk paint dries fast so be sure to put your brushes immediately into water and wash them straight away to avoid the paint drying on your bristles.


MMS Milk Paint For the Love Creations  

Sealing milk paint is mostly a matter of preference. Do you want a flat finish with a hint of dimension? Use hemp oil. Do you want extra protection? Use a few coats of MilkCoat clear coat. You can have a beautiful, antique looking low lustre with a clear wax. Add a bit of texture and interest with coloured waxes. There are endless possibilities. Still not sure? Just ask us!

MilkOil MMS Milk Paint hemp seed oil  MilkWax clear MMS Milk Paint clear finishing wax

MilkCoat clear by MMS Milk Paint clear coat


There you have it. Non toxic, easy to apply, quick drying, beautiful finishes. And we do love a paint with a bit of history to it.


All the best on YOUR milk paint project.


Katie ❤️


Katie For the Love Creations furniture paint shop


More about Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint here:

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Tangerine (formerly Outback Petticoat) with white MilkWax.

MMS Milk Paint Typewriter black Carolina Dune neutral

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in deep black, Typewriter. Decorative side panels in Carolina Dune. Lantern in Teal Ocean (formerly Kitchen Scale)



By the Sea MMS Milk Paint aqua green paint


Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint pale aqua By the Sea, basket drawer in layers of Curio and Linen 


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