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Supermarket Bed Makeover

Supermarket Bed Makeover

Yes, you read that right! I was in the market for a new-old bed because getting up off the mattress on the floor was getting old fast. 


Bed makeover BEFORE


On a last minute dash to buy ingredients for a veggie soup, I popped into Aldi and there it was — right across from the pet food. So, there I stood, with my kale and cauliflower contemplating the real possibility that I was going to buy a bed… from a supermarket.


I decided to sleep on it.


Five days later it was in my shed.  On day six it was semi-assembled and ready for staining. I wanted it dark but NOT black. I played with Dixie Belle stains in Espresso and Walnut.

Furniture stains No Pain Gel Stain Jolie paint wash stain


After mixing and blending and testing  I tried Jolie Paint in black, Noir, as a wash. Well whaddya know? I DID want black.


Black wash paint wash Jolie chalk paint Noir  



Staining with Paint: I stain with paint more often than with stain. It opens up so many more shades to choose from. The method I use is simple:

  • mix up a 50:50 mix of paint to water
  • mist the surface
  • apply with any brush at all
  • wipe away until you have the depth of colour you like
  • seal 



Staining with paint black paint wash Jolie Noir chalk paint  

Experimenting with layers of paint wash stain


I LOVE how this stain is looking.



Black paint wash as stain Jolie Noir chalk paint

The dark stain look I was hoping for! 


Ready to paint spindles bed makeover


Aahh spindles, what can I say. There’s no simple way to paint-wash sixteen spindles. It’s a lot of surface area, but when I thought to myself that half the surface will spend its life facing a wall, I didn’t stress so much.



Sanding before waxing


I always give a quick, fine-grit sanding over chalk paint to make the surface smoother for waxing.

 Jolie black finishing wax chalk paint sealer

Jolie Finishing Waxes come in clear, black, brown and white



 Paint wash bed makeover waxing the spindles

Spindles paint-washed and ready for black wax sealer



The chalk paint wash will dry quite “chalky” but the black wax gives it its richness and depth as well as sealing it. I applied the black wax with a natural bristle wax brush and wiped it away with a clean, lint free cloth.



Chalk paint paint wash wax seal bed makeover online paint shop

Top piece getting black wax seal; bottom piece black paint-washed and black waxed


 I sealed the whole thing, moved it in, and I love it!


Black washed chalk paint wash bed makeover 

 Finished bed makeover chalk paint black wash


Bed makeover finished with black paint wash chalk paint Jolie





Bedroom before and after

Bedroom before and after


Bed makeover before and after


All the best with YOUR next painting project! 


Katie ❤️

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