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Saturday’s Furniture Painting Workshop Wrap-Up

Saturday’s Furniture Painting Workshop Wrap-Up

Workshop space ready for Furniture Painting Workshop

The morning was gloomy but the workshop space was bright, warm, set up and ready when Robyn showed up with her step stool followed by Katrina and John who brought table bases, inherited from their grandmother.


We had a quick chat over the paint types and since their pieces were already clean they started scuff sanding in preparation for painting.


Robyn knew she wanted to use Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black on her bamboo foot stool which, she explained, was going to match her newly renovated bathroom.


Furniture Painting Workshop Fusion Mineral Paint


After Katrina and Jon looked over painted samples of dark, almost-black colours they decided on Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash for one of their table bases and Jon started painting.



Katrina was still unsure of the green she wanted so we consulted the ultra-handy Jolie colour mixing fan deck and she found the green she was looking for, which was made of equal parts Jolie French Grey and French Quarter Green. She measured one part of each colour into a container, mixed it up and started painting the first coat of her table base.

 Custom green mix Jolie chalk paint Furniture Painting Workshop

Beatrice walked in soon after with her two end table drawers and was eager to get painting. 


Furniture Painting Workshop Dixie Belle chalk paint  


Beatrice is beginning furniture flipping and has been collecting pieces to get started with. Her drawer fronts appeared to be laminate so I steered her towards chalk paints since Fusion or Silk mineral paints may not adhere to laminate without a primer and I didn’t want Beatrice taking any chances. She selected Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in Savannah Mist and was delighted with its pale grey/green/blue hue.


Beatrice experimented with paint brushes and noticed a significant difference in coverage when she switched from an ordinary hardware store brush to a Staalmeester pointed synthetic bristle paint brush.


While Robyn painted and chatted away, Jon and Katrina finished up their first coats and had a morning tea break while their paint was drying.


Furniture Painting Workshop morning tea  
Furniture Painting Workshop



With morning tea finished and first coats dry, second coats were eagerly applied.

I’m often asked by painters if they should sand in between coats. It’s a personal preference and our painters opted out of extra sanding and jumped straight into painting coat number two.
Jon’s Fusion Ash was finished and drying and didn’t need a topcoat so he helped Katrina seal her chalk painted table base. She chose Jolie Clear Finishing Wax to seal her custom-mixed green paint. They made a great team. Katrina did the wax-on while Jon took on the wax-off role.




Beatrice also chose Jolie Clear Finishing Wax to seal her DB Savannah Mist. She wanted to highlight the ornate design details on the drawer fronts but as she was still unsure of the look she wanted, she chose to take them home as-is, clean and reattach the hardware, and see what it looked like. Besides, she also needed to paint the table base.





Robyn’s little footstool had a lot of surface area and took a little longer than she anticipated. Although she was satisfied with the result, next time she won’t work under the heater!


Robyn shared a photo the next day. Looks perfect!


Once everyone’s projects were dry and ready to go I took down their orders for paint and brushes for their future projects and they all walked out with their new-look projects in hand.

Check here for our next Furniture Painting Workshop.

All the best on YOUR painted projects and get in touch if you have any questions. We are here to help!

Let’s paint!
Katie ❤️
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