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Paint Round-Up - Chalk, Milk, Mineral - We got ya Covered!

Paint Round-Up - Chalk, Milk, Mineral - We got ya Covered!

**This post was updated in December 2021

Oh 2020...who would've ever thought you'd be such an “interesting” year?! And 2021...well, you were equally as “fascinating...”

In our little paint world we've had quite a lot happening. So here we are with the latest news on all things paint at For The Love!

We certainly had our share of delivery and supply issues and to keep us all happy and painting we brought in brands which you’ve embraced over the last year.

Dixie Belle Paint Company colour wheel Australia

Dixie Belle Paint - Elite Retailer

One of the best-selling paints in America for a reason.

Firstly, Dixie Belle has a solution for every possible painting problem, challenge or desire! From White Lightning and Slick Stick for paint prep to the awesome glazes and stains. And can we talk about a colour palette that goes beyond 60+ colours?!

If you haven't yet browsed the extensive collection of transfers, papers and stencils to add extra flair, you'll be thoroughly impressed that there is literally something for everyone!

Dixie Belle Paint is chalk-based so it's easy to use, blend, get full coverage, layer or distress and the variety of DB topcoats, sealers, waxes, stains and clear coats is unsurpassed. 


Dixie Belle Palmetto Fern Dresser Australia



Dixie Belle Colonel Mustard buffet Tilly&Co For The Love Australia Retailer


Dixie Belle Australia The Gulf drinks cart


SILK All-In-One Mineral Paint Australia retailer 

SILK All-in-One Mineral Paint

Just when you thought Dixie Belle nailed everything about paint (and they have!) they come up with SILK All-in-One Mineral Paint which has a built-in stain blocker AND sealer. 

What?! Well, of course we love this and the colour palette is 20 shades of stunning coastal-inspired goodness. It's easy to use, has excellent coverage and from what we're seeing, the durability is off-the-charts. Give it a try if you haven't already as it's flying off the shelves as the next best thing in paint!


Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint custom colour buffet Australia

SILK Baja Grey painted chair Australia retailer


SILK Paint striped dresser Australia


SILK Mineral Paint Sandcastle painted bedside nightstand Australian retailer 




Jolie Paint chalk paint australia retailer 

Jolie Paint

This brand has my whole heart. Everything Jolie does is sophisticated, elegant and beautiful. The paint itself is a high-quality chalk paint said to be the original recipe from the infamous Annie Sloan (she's changed the formula and it is quite thick which isn't ideal for the Aussie climate). All I can say is after years of painting, I cannot recommend Jolie Paint enough!

Jolie is the answer when you want an authentic chalk-based paint with the very best coverage, adhesion and durability — and hands-down the most beautiful colour palette in the industry with 40+ colours. The finishes are simple and complete with Clear Wax as well as favourites black, brown and white — as well as silver, gold and copper Gilding Waxes. Their brushes are beautifully crafted in Italy to last a lifetime and we've also just added a non-yellowing water-based varnish in both Gloss and Low Luster -- as well as a very durable Floor Varnish. 

If all this isn't enough, let the stunning real-life colour chart win you over, or the extensive and detailed fan deck with near-limitless colour-mixing options. They've thought of everything and it shows.


Jolie Paint Colour Card Australian retailer

Classic Navy painted kitchen Jolie Paint shop Australia

Jolie Paint Deep Lagoon buffet paint shop Australia 


Jolie Paint Legacy dresser Hibiscus Vase Australia Jolie paint shop retail


That's an introduction to our new
paint lines that we are thrilled with
and it looks like our clients and customers are as well.
​Now let's take a look
at our tried-and-true favourites
to find out what's happening...

Old World Clay & Chalk Paint Australian chalk paint brand

Old World Clay & Chalk Paint - Our Aussie Brand

Exclusive to For The Love Creations, our Australian-made small-batch all natural paint brand is back! After a short hiatus we've reintroduced some of our best-selling colours and a few extras.

Old World Paint is eco-friendly and our cleanest paint with ingredients taken only from the earth. It is VOC-free and devoid of any synthetic ingredients, chemicals, hardeners or toxins. It goes on like a dream, covers like mad, has zero smell (well, maybe a bit earthy until it dries) and we've carefully curated the best-of-the-best colour palette.

Old World is traditional, genuine and authentic chalk paint (with clay) and should be sealed with Polishing Wax or similar to bring out the true colour and dimension.

Aussie brand Old World Clay & Chalk Paint at For The Love Creations Australia-wide
Old World Paint aussie chalk paint Tuxedo Black desk Australia
All natural Old World Paint australian chalk paint

MMS Milk Paint colours Australian retailers

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

We've carried Miss Mustard Seed from the very start 8 years ago and we've never looked back, it's a staple in our shop and in our painting lives. Everything about Milk Paint speaks to the soul of the furniture artist. There have been some recent changes and upheavals with Marian (Miss Mustard Seed) selling the brand. We were skeptical, but the new owners are passionate, experienced and are bringing new life to the brand. More will be on it's way soon...
All new MMS Milk Paint and products
Anne C's Boxwood hutch Aussie retailer MMS Milk Paint Miss Mustard Seed
MMS Milk Paint Ironstone chippy finish handpainted dresser Australia
Artissimo MMS Milk Paint Svetlana Mustard Seed
Fusion Mineral Paint Australian retailer

Fusion Mineral Paint

It came onto the market about 7 years ago and many of you have never looked back. The convenience of built-in sealer and the 50+ colour range won our hearts. Fusion Mineral Paint brought us new colour releases and speciality products and taught us painting kitchens and bathrooms was not only OK, it was easy and anyone could do it!

This year we've had challenges with supply and as we wait still for that to normalise, retailers have been working together  to try and find you what you need. You have been patient and understanding and we cannot express our appreciation of this. 

As we move into the future, shipments are random and nothing is guaranteed, so please...experiment, play with the colours we have in stock, try new brands and have confidence knowing that as soon as WE know, YOU will know when stock levels return to normal.
Fusion Mineral Paint Australia Coal Black
Fusion Mineral Paint Bedford painted dresser Australian retailer
Fusion Mineral Paint Stain-and-Finishing-Oil Australia

And's December...

Well 2021, I still have no idea what's happened...or what's to come. We will continue to do our best to help you with your projects, provide you with paint and supplies and offer you exceptional customer service and product/technique knowledge.  

We are cautiously looking forward to next year as we welcome Summer and know that we are here to help with all your questions!

It's all here...For The Love...
Sada & Katie

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