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Nautical Striped Side Table: Another roadside rescue

Nautical Striped Side Table: Another roadside rescue

I saw that a neighbour had put two pieces of furniture curbside, so I described which one I wanted to my 20 year old sonwho of course came back with the one I DIDNT want. But when he said, This is cool!I took another look and he was right! (To be fair, he went back to get me the other piece which Ill share more about later.)

Three drawer side table before painting  
Side table - BEFORE 


I wanted a look that wasnt too matchy to this dresser that was already in his roomUsing Silk Paint I chose the colour Nautical which goes on bright, but dries to a deep, royal blue. It had gotten a bit thick, so I added a teaspoon of water, mixed it well and painted using the Dixie Belle Synthetic Mini brush


Silk all in one mineral Paint Nautical royal blue acryllic paint
Silk all in one mineral paint in Nautical



While the first coat was drying I worked on the drawer fronts using Voodoo Gel Stain in the grey colour Up in Smoke with a touch of White Magic mixed in to lighten the grey. When using stains on a varnished surface, they wont highlight the grain like they do on raw timber, but its a quick and easy way to get a stained look on a surface thats varnished.


 Voodoo Gel Stains in White Magic and Up in Smoke
Voodoo Gel Stains in Up in Smoke and White Magic 
Voodoo Gel Stains 8 colours
Voodoo Gel Stains come in 8 colours

Voodoo Gel Stain is water based and can be a bit sticky so I misted it to keep it moving. Because of its gel base it will adhere to factory finishes like the varnish on this piece. I put the stain on then wiped it away like I normally would when staining, but it wiped completely off! It can happenSo I pulled out my wood graining tool to fake the texture.


 Woodgraining tool at work Adding texture using a stiff bristle paint brush


Using the wood-graining tool takes practice, applying the right pressure and rocking it back in forth did the trick and added the right amount of detail. Afterward I used a natural bristle brush to even up the coverage and add drag marks for texture.


Even though one coat of Silk paint has great coverage, two coats is always better for dimension and depth of colour.

Silk paint in Nautical one coat 

Superior coverage on the first coat

Once the stain was dry I taped off the stripes and applied No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut, a warm brown, straight over the grey. Thats right, I stained the stain! No Pain Gel Stain is an oil based stain with a built in topcoat, so it both stains and seals.


Staining Voodoo Gel Stain with No Pain Gel Stain

Voodoo Gel Stain stained with No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut


After removing the tape, I taped off the red stripe and used No Pain Gel Stain in Georgian Cherry. But guess what happens when you put a reddish stain over a whitish stain? Pink. Ya, nope!

Unwanted pink stripe needs fixing

That stripe shouldn’t be pink!

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in a Rustic Red wash to the rescue. A touch of the Walnut stain over it deepened the colour perfectly.

Better! Pink stripe is now a red stripe.

Better! Pink stripe is now red. 

I did some distressing on the edges but there was already a lot happening so I changed my mind and painted them out. Fortunately, Silk paint is self levelling, so the touch-ups blended with the base coats seamlessly.


After putting the ring pulls back on I gave the drawer slides a quick sanding with 150-grit sandpaper then waxed the drawer slides for easy opening and closing.


Nautical stripe three drawer side table finished with Dixie Belle Paint and products


And here he is!


Enjoy YOUR next painting project.


Katie ❤️



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