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70’s Uglies to Coastal Chic — a layered paint wash makeover

70’s Uglies to Coastal Chic — a layered paint wash makeover

2-tiered coastal table BEFORE

70’s blah BEFORE sanding


When this unique table was gifted to my parents it had a bit of the ‘70s uglies but it was a sturdy piece and was immediately put to use in their beach shack. Eleven years later, after a recent reno, the table was being retired until I jumped in to bring it some coastal chic.



Coastal table fully sanded

Fully sanded and ready for its paintwash 



Although the piece had heaps of surfaces, I was on holiday, and the view was spectacular. I waited until the neighbourhood was awake then sanded for hours over a few days. Once I got the varnish off, I finish-sanded it silky smooth using a 400-grit sandpaper.


 Mixing a paint wash with Jolie Espresso

Mixing brown paint wash using 50:50 mix of paint to water

Jolie Espresso chalk paint 120ml 

With the orange varnish gone the wood was quite light. I deepened it first with my favourite brown paint wash, Jolie Paint in Espresso using a 50/50 mix of paint to water. The mix should be runny, like chocolate milk. 

 Applying brown paint wash to stain wood

TIP: Full strength chalk paint dries darker than wet chalk paint, but a chalk paint wash will lighten as it dries. 


I was liking the colour as a great base to whitewash over. As I was painting the rellie-kiddos came up from the beach so I asked what they thought. Mr Six said “It looked better before,” while Miss Nine said “It doesn’t look any different.” 

Well, I asked. LOL!


Table stained with brown paint wash

Well, I think it looks different AND better!


I let it alone for a few days before whitewashing it.


Whitewashing over the brown paint stain

Applying whitewash over brown paint wash stain  


TIP: If you add a paint wash over a paint wash too soon, you can reactivate the paint and end up mixing rather than layering colours. 



After a few days of dry, warm weather I whitewashed using Jolie Gesso White and a Jolie small Signature natural bristle paint brush. Once finished I sealed it with three coats of Jolie Low-lustre varnish and it found its way into the newly renovated living room of the beach house. 


Whitewash over a brown paint wash stain  



Layers of paint wash table makeover

All the best on YOUR next painting project. 


Katie ❤️

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FINAL NOTE: a little paint goes a long way as a paint wash. Use up leftover paints as a wash on your next project or get 10% off a 120ml sample pot of Jolie to make your own paint wash using code: PAINTWASHESROCK (discount expires 31/12/23, limit one use per customer)


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Apr 27, 2023

Love this look! What an improvement! Well done!

I have modern furniture that is Victorian Ash and has yellowed over time. I’m wondering if I can achieve the same look? I have a dining table and 8 chairs, a tv unit, coffee table, side table and a buffet table. A lot of pieces! But the furniture is solid timber and just needs a new lease on life.

Cheers Alex

Alex Stefani

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